To facilitate as an interface between the Persons with Disabilities and the Government, the Industry and the Voluntary Sector towards the empowerment of persons with disabilities in the State.


The SRCDA envisions a society where all people have equal opportunities to participate in a society and where every person, including the disabled, are treated with equality, dignity and respect for their expressed choices.


State Resource Centre on Disability Affairs (SRCDA) along with the State Society for the Implementation of Rehabilitation for the Persons with Disabilities (SSIPRD) was established in the year 2000-2001 in Meghalaya. It has been progressively working towards the implementation of Disability Services in Meghalaya through the National Programme for the Implementation of Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities (NPRPD). This program has been initially funded by the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Government of India. Funding and grants provided by the Government of India have helped push forward and sustain this disability service program up until 2005. The following years to the present day, it is the State Government of Meghalaya that has successfully carried on with the program. This program has been financially supported by the State Government through the Social Welfare Department.

Meghalaya is the only state in India where the disability services provided through National Programme for the Implementation of Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities (NPRPD) is implemented under the State Plan.”

Through the collaborative works and efforts of SRCDA along with of District Social Welfare Officers, Multipurpose Rehabilitation Workers and Community Based Rehabilitation Workers and other agencies involved, a well-managed network and efficient working model has emerged and developed. This working model has helped create a functioning disability service center within Meghalaya. And has been able to rehabilitate people with disabilities in the state. Besides providing disabled people with facilities through Rehabilitation Welfare Programmes, the SRCDA of Meghalaya also provides Manpower Training, Public Awareness, Prevention and Early Intervention of Disability, Training of Medical Faculty on providing or issuing of Disability Certificates and Manpower Training of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) workers of North Eastern Region and West Bengal.

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